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Red In Tooth And Claw will be out October 28th 2016.

It's been a long wait, but it'll be worth it!

Check out our label's page:

20 September 2016

Record label

We're happy to announce that we've signed with Dark Essence Records!
Our sixth album "Red In Tooth And Claw" will finally see the light of day in 2016!

It's been a long wait, but it'll be worth it!

4 March 2016

Red In Tooth And Claw

Red In Tooth And Claw mastered and ready! Announcement on record label coming soon!

28 January 2016

Gigs in Norway coming up!

We're playing at Byfest2015 : dag2 in Kongsvinger, saturday september 5th.
Free entrance!

The following weekend, on saturday september 12th, we're playing in Kristiansand
at the Southern Discomfort festival.

Be there!

27 July 2015

Red In Tooth And Claw

Exiting news!

As of the moment, we're in negotiations for the release of our 6th album, though we can't give you any details yet. The album is called "Red In Tooth And Claw", and will feature 10 stunning new songs, ranging from full-on rage to sweet melancholia. And since we like you all so much, here's a teeny-tiny sneak peak of three (un-mastered) songs off "Red In Tooth And Claw".

Listen, like, and share your heart out!

CLICK HERE to listen to sneak-preview

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2 June 2015

Live In Oslo!

We're playing at Gamla, Oslo on saturday February 7th.
This will be our first gig in Oslo with our new guitarist Richard. We'll be airing some material from
our still unreleased 6th album, plus material never played live before.

Support: I Lit The Sun
Doors open 21.00

Be there!

5 January 2015

New guitarist Richard Wikstrand!

We are proud to announce that we have finally found a new guitar player! His name is Richard Wikstrand, and some of you might know him from his time with Crome Division. He played with us at Livestock at Alvdal a couple of weeks ago, and has been working with us for a while before that.

Give him a great welcome, and stay tuned for news on the upcoming album!

21 July 2014

Gigs in Oslo and Elverum coming up!

Heading out for some gigs again, this time here in Norway.

We're playing at Gamla, Oslo on June 11th.
On June 25th we're playing at Volumfestivalen, Elverum.

May 12th we're returning to headline at Hjørnet, Kristiansand.

On May 13th we'll be teaming up with our good friends and previous
touring-partners Tristania for a night at Tribute in Sandnes.

We're also currently working hard on the material for our next
album. Most of the songs are written and are being put through the Madders final arrangement/scrutinizer-grinder

It'll kick some serious ass, for sure!

4 May 2011

Good News - Patrick joins Madder Mortem

We've been aware that Odd was thinking about leaving the band since winter 2010, and have been looking for a possible replacement.

After much consideration regarding who could fill his shoes, fit in with the rest of us socially and be a creative, fifth input to the band, we only came up with one name. Luckily for us, he has now entered our ranks full-time. Patrick Scantlebury is our new permanent guitarist. He has already made one live appearance with us in our hometown at the NORF-festival.

Some might know him as one of the founders of Frantic Bleep. He was our guitar-tech and merchandiser on the Opeth tour in 2003, and he also filled in for Odd on a couple of gigs in 2005. We all went to school with him at Tynset, and BP and Pat has played together in various constellations. We're already busy writing more new material with Patrick, and it feels like we've got a true chemistry.

We welcome him to the Madder family and hope you'll do the same.

Again it's a fresh start for us.

13 August 2010

Bad News - Odd leaves Madder Mortem

Odd has, after much pondering, left Madder Mortem, and it was a very tough decision. We sincerely thank him for all the music, magic, great times, blood, sweat and tears we've shared since he joined the band in 2003.

It's always hard to see people go, but times do change for all of us. Neither Desiderata or especially Eight Ways would've sounded the same without his characteristic style of playing and musical sensibility. We wish him all the best and will still remain close friends.

Agnete, BP, Mads & Tormod.

13 August 2010